Satellite Broadband Installation

satellite_broadband_installationHigh Speed Broadband - wherever you live

Having a high-speed broadband connection in the home or office has never been so important. Slow speeds or connections that repeatedly 'drop out' ruins the online experience whether you are simply surfing the net, playing games or accessing files.

Despite this, large areas of the country still cannot receive high-speed broadband via traditional ISP providers such as BT or Virgin.
Thankfully, an alternative solution is provided by the ASTRA satellite system which provides a strong internet signal without using a telephone or landline connection.
Instead, a dish is fitted to your property which receives the satellite signal which is in turn transmitted to your internal hub or PC. The dish can also be used to provide VOIP telephony services and satellite TV/ Radio in your home or place of work.
The service is now fully available in the UK with attractive flat-rate monthly fees, low cost equipment and locally based customer support countrywide.
For more information or to arrange a free consultation, please contact AKM Aerials who are a recognised 'preferred supplier' for the ASTRA satellite system.