Digital Aerials

digital_aerialsThe government is in the process of withdrawing all analogue channels

You will find that you have no choice but to convert to one of the digital platforms - Sky Digital Satellite or Freeview Terrestrial.

The digital switchover took place in most areas of Bristol during the summer of 2010, but towns such as Gloucestershire and Cheltenham are not due to have widespread access to the digital signal until June 2011.
Your current aerial may need to be replaced or upgraded to ensure it is digitally compatible to receive the platform of your choice.
Below is a selection of aerials you may require, we are happy to visit your home and advise the best option for you.

Don't leave it to the last minute!


Unix Extra High Gain Aerials - 32, 52 & 100 Element

  • Superior quality cross element TV aerial designed for UHF reception
  • High gain and front/back ratios make these aerials powerful ghost killers providing perfect reception
  • Recommended for digital and analogue reception
  • UV resistant, plastic, snap-lock, folded dipole with balun matching for optimum signal transfer

Single Dipole VHF DAB Radio Aerial
  • Specifically designed for high quality VHF digital radio reception covering the Band III frequency range 217.5-230MHz
  • For vertical mounting, either externally or in the loft
  • Fully illustrated instructions


Super Yagi UHF TV Aerials -Digital
  • Designed for high quality analogue and digital terrestrial UHF TV reception
  • Upward gain slope
  • 4 element rod reflector for enhanced front to back ratio
  • Integral balun ensures optimum signal match and directivity


8 Element High Gain UHF TV Aerial - Digital
  • Optimised for reception of all analogue and digital terrestrial UHF TV signals
  • Wideband configuration
  • Optimum forward gain and 6 element rod reflector for high front to back ratio
  • An integral balun ensures optimum signal match and directivity
  • Channel number: 21-68
  • Forward gain: 12dB

UHF Contract Aerial
  • Impedance matched to give more signal
  • Double dipole gives better balance
  • Tuned reflector for digital reception


Super Range UHF Aerials
  • Enhanced for DTT reception
  • 16, 19 & 24 elements (10, 13 & 18 directions)
  • Covering groups A, K & WB
  • Ideal for good to medium signal strength areas
  • "Inclined" folded tube dipole with an easy fit termination and soldered brass electrical terminal, braid clamp and a PCB balun for improved gain, impedance match, bandwidth and impulsive noise rejection
  • Watertight insulator cap, malleable in all working temperatures
  • Fortified 6 element reflector design for a refined front to back ratio
  • Tilt and slide clamp to facilitate adjustment in elevation
  • Element design has a superior strengthened profile incorporating an enlarged moulded securing clip

Digital Contract Aerials - 10 & 18 Elements

  • Ideal for digital or analogue reception
  • The aerials have a UV resistant, plastic, snap-lock, folded dipole with balun matching for optimal signal transfer
  • Complete with support arm and mast fixing clamp for masts up to 60mm in diameter